The Taproom

Inspired by our Journeys

The wood used for these products was reclaimed from an old Horace Mann schoolhouse in Kansas City, which was built in the 19th century, and recently torn down.  Elmwood was able to rescue the beautiful Missouri Heart Pine beams from the school and repurpose them into our bar and table tops.  Not only did Elmwood build us beautiful tabletops and a bar, but they also supplied us with reclaimed barn wood siding for use throughout our building.  When you step inside our taproom we hope you feel the history and experience the love that went into creating our gathering space.


The Logboat Taproom is a place we like to consider our educational room.  Our taproom provides us a unique opportunity to interact with our customers so they can get to know us, our beers, and as much as they care to know about the brewing process and our philosophy around our craft. It was very important to us to utilize reclaimed materials in the build out of our taproom and were able to source some very old, storied Missouri Heart Pine for our bar top and table tops.  Elmwood Reclaimed Timber out of Kansas City, MO sourced and built our bar and all of our tables.

The Park

There's so much room for Activities

The scent of homemade biscuit sandwiches from Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company or the warming fragrance of a wood fire and homemade pizzas fill your senses as cold beer is enjoyed on a blanket spread out in the grass or sitting with friends around a picnic table. You may be lucky enough to stumble into a live concert in the yard, or participate in a fundraiser for one of numerous local charities we are passionate about supporting. The Park is an experience on its own.  Coupled with great friends and great beer, it’s truly a place to let time float away.

When you first approach Logboat, you’ll quickly recognize a very large fenced in grassy area we have dubbed, “The Logboat Park.”  The Park is our playground, a place for families and friends to gather to celebrate life and enjoy simple time together. At any given moment you may see Bocce balls rolling through the Bocce court, or cornhole bags flying through the air hoping to hit their mark.  Washers bouncing off wooden boards, Frisbees gliding on a summer breeze, and laughter fill the air.