As Most Missourians Know, The Name Missouri River And Our State's Name Have A Lengthy History, Nearly As Dragged Out As The Waterway Itself. Missouri, As We Came To Be, Lies On Territory Once Protected By The Missouria, Osage And Illinois Indians. Missouria Has Been Passed Down In The Tongue Of The Illinois To Mean, “One Who Has Dugout Canoes”, Or “People Of The Wooden Canoe”. Dugouts Are Synonymous With Log Boats, And As Missourians, Growing Up In What Is An Idyllic Place For Adventure, Up And Down Many Streams And Rivers, Along Valleys And Ridges, It Made Sense For Us To Choose Logboat As Our Name. A More Recent Historical Figure Whose Legacy Influences Each Of Our Worldviews Is Mark Twain. The Native People Of Missouri And Twain, Symbolize For Us The History, Spirit And Sense Of Truth In What Makes Missouri So Wonderful.