food truck schedule

Here at Logboat we like to stick to what we're best at...making beer. But we also believe that you should be able to have a great meal while enjoying our taproom and park. That's why we have teamed up with some friends to give our customers a real taste of Columbia! Check out our food truck schedule below!


Tuesday - boss taco - 6pm - soldout

Inspired by the her memories of awesome food truck and trailer tacos in Austin, Texas, owner Lindsey Spratt desired to create the food she continues to crave and miss from the city she loved and lived in for 8 years. Finally, we can all grab some inspiring, interior mexican -style street cuisine here in Columbia, Missouri.

wednesday - Pizza tree pizza (Closed for the season)

Whether you're ordering a classic pie or something more adventurous, Pizza Tree will deliver on quality, taste. and fun. We use the best ingredients we can find, and make as many things as we can in house. Starting with the best flour milled in America and finishing with your addition of Kill Da Wabbit hot sauce, our pizza is delicious and pretty darn special. 



FRIDAY + saturday - ozark mountain biscuit - 5:30-9

At the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company we honor that history with fresh, quality, seasonal ingredients. Heck, we try to grow it ourselves when we can and find other local partners to help us out. Friends like Patchwork Family Farms, Show-Me Farms Beef, Crop Circle, and Old Tony Speichinger.

In this day and age quality also means being aware of your surroundings and treating them right. We are committed to sourcing from sustainable, humane farms and making sure our containers and such are friendly to your health and the soil. Seems it doesn’t make much sense to do it any other way.

FRIDAY - THE GRILL-A-BROTHERS (closed for the season)

Simply put, we make the best damn sandwiches in Columbia, Missouri. With all fresh ingredients, scratch-baked bread, and juicy smoked meats from our in-house smoker, we take food truck quality and innovation to the next level. Come see us soon!